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Having worked in two attractions who held large scale events, I knew I had a thing for creating themed signage, printed media & digital media catering for any occasion. 

Whether you're looking for wedding, birthday or promotional event signage, I am here to help you create something magical and tailored to what you need. 

For now enjoy looking at some of the pieces I have created. 

SBMT_business card_blue.jpg


SBMT provide first aid & mental health awareness training in the south south east area of the United Kingdom. With many years of medical training, they are on a mission to get as many people first aid trained as possible. For them, I have: 

  • Provided a design solution to the original logo.

  • Created generic business cards

  • Designed an information pull-up banner which can be displayed at events.


January 2020 - November 2022

  • Creating new print based collaterals such as consumer leaflets, pull up banners and OOH signage which has been displayed all over London on the Underground.

  • Creator of digital HTML5 ADs using HTML 5, CSS and Javascript.

  • On a day to day basis, I create graphics to put onto the website to make it more engaging as well as social media posts for the range of platforms.

  • Videographer and photographer for events. I then take the video content into Premier Pro and After Effects to create a fun and informal video. For photos, I can edit them using Photoshop.


October 2016 - January 2020

  • Produced artwork for a wide range of signage in the resort, with frequent requests to update retail advertisements, food & beverage price menus and ensure health & safety signage was all in alignment.

  • Created artwork for many back of house projects such as staff incentives and organisation. 

  • Project managed theming projects such as the revamp of Fairy Tale Brook queue line, theming elements for the new area of Miniland in 2018 and nursing area for mothers and children. 




  • Created the logo with inspiration of the Caribbean 

  • Created the restaurant menu and leaflets for advertisment

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